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How does social media matter to the Education segment?

  • Through social mediums such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram live video the engagements between students and the institution can be sustained.
  • Learning Management Systems networking software that delivers educational programs and gives institutions other administrative activities.
  • Being active on social media and reaching target audiences widely increases enrollment.
  • Cost effective marketing and wide customer reach.
  • Brand Building & Reputation Management.

What can be some Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in the Education Industry?

  • Handle customers queries timely with good engagement.
  • Highlight Brand’s USPs creatively online.
  • Showcasing and communicating services to the target customers regularly.
  • Establishing effective communication channels.
  • Raise Awareness for Events, Schedules, Reports and more.


  • A survey indicates that more than 35 percent teachers use social media professionally to communicate with colleagues, students and parents.
  • Students with internet access report using social networking technologies. 59% of schools say their students use social networking for educational purposes. 
  • 27% of schools have an online community for teachers and administrators.

Importance of PPC Campaigns

  • Greater Website Traffic; Greater audience reach.
  • Greater Social Media Traffic.
  • Growth Awareness of Your Brand.
  • Increase in prospective customers.
  • Increase In Enrollment.
  • Improvements in services.

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