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Why does social media matter to the Healthcare segment?

  • Brand Building and Reputation Management.
  • CSR activities, offline customer engagement and awareness campaigns.
  • Create Relationships and Build Patient Loyalty.
  • Cost effective marketing.

What can be some Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in Health Industry?

  • Interact with Patients.
  • Share Relevant Information.
  • Raise Awareness for Events, Treatments, and more.
  • Highlight staff accomplishments.
  • Handle Patient Queries.
  • Brand Building and Reputation Management.
  • Establish Online Communication Protocols.


  • About 65% of healthcare companies in India are using video content marketing strategy and witnessed a 20 percent conversion increase.
  • About 35% of reputed hospitals use online webinars to promote their services online and build relationships with potential patients.
  • Almost 86% of healthcare websites have a blog section and promote it on social media accounts.

Importance of PPC Campaigns

With targeted paid media, you reach out to exactly who you want to reach out to, when you need to, and how.

Here’s what healthcare paid advertising can do for your healthcare organization:
  • Greater Website Traffic.
  • Greater Social Media Traffic.
  • Grow Awareness of Your Brand.
  • Increase In Web-Based Inquiries.
  • Increase In Appointments.
  • Increase Your Target Community.
  • Improvements In Service Line Revenue.

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