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How does social media matter to the NGOs?

  • Through social mediums such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, the NGOs operations can be showcased with help of videos, images.
  • Social media has the potential to spread out the message or purpose of the NGO.
  • Social media is just the right place to connect with the right people to raise funds.
  • Cost effective marketing and wide customer reach.
  • Social media can get the attention of people to the issues that matter the most.
  • Effective & engaging communication with potential supporters with messaging, feedbacks & polls.

What can be some Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in NGOs?

  • Handle customers queries timely with good engagement.
  • Facebook has introduced a new feature to directly fundraise through their page.
  • Showcasing and communicating services to the target customers regularly.
  • Establishing effective communication channels.
  • Raise Awareness for Events, Schedules, Reports and more.
  • Building brand image & reputation.


  • According to nonprofitsource.com, over 80% of millennials and 49% of Gen Xers donate through online forums. Most millennials tend to be inspired by social media, and as the millennial generation is growing. Hence, there is a need to make it easier for them to use social media for change. 
  • According to the research published by the Tech Report in 2018, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 92% NGOs around the world using it to connect with their supporters. Followed by Twitter and Instagram with 72% and 39% of NGOs creating profiles on these platforms. With over 2 billion users, it’s clear why Facebook can be an effective tool to bring change in society. Especially in this technology-driven age, where most information is just a click away, there is a need to be ‘Out there’ to connect with younger generations to garner support, raise awareness, recruit volunteers, invite donors and use social media for good.

Importance of PPC Campaigns

  • Increasing supporters/donors.
  • Greater Social Media Traffic.
  • Growth Awareness of Your message/vision.
  • Collaborations with sponsors.
  • Increase In effective operations.
  • Improvement in services.

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