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Har घर लेने वाला kuch kehta hai

How does social media matter to the Real Estate segment?

  • Effective communication with the buyers or clients. 
  • Attractive and creative presentation of the property regularly.
  • Quick and easy updates through various platforms.
  • Reaching wide target audience.
  • Brand building & recognition.

What can be some Effective Strategies for Social Media Marketing in Real Estate Industry?

  • Raise Awareness for Events, Treatments, and more.
  • Highlight accomplishments & client’s testimonials.
  • Handle Patient Queries.
  • Brand Building and Reputation Management.
  • Establish Online Communication Protocols.


  • A large portion of home buyers research online and find it convenient to check and shortlist apartments virtually before physically going to see it. In fact, data suggests that 92% of home buyers search online to find their dream home. Additionally, 82% of real estate market investors trust online agents as a reliable source of information, and 42% have resorted to the Internet as their first search medium.
  • With India’s Internet audience growing by the minute, the stage is set for property developers to tap into this huge market and leverage digital marketing for real estate. Consumer engagement requires developers to realign their priorities from solely revenue-generation to actually creating value for their consumers.

Importance of PPC Campaigns

  • Greater Traffic ; Greater audience reach.
  • Cost efficient marketing.
  • Growth Awareness of Your Brand.
  • Increase in lead generation.
  • Increase In customer engagement.

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