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5 Tips for Creating Highly Effective Instagram Stories Ads

Are you a brand builder and wondering if you should invest in Instagram Stories Ads or not? See, Instagram stories are always a great option to reach your followers. According to research, you should post Instagram stories regularly to get your organic audience.

While Instagram stories help you to reach your followers, Instagram stories ads aid you in reaching the non-followers. Thus, every brand should invest in Instagram story ads to increase its online visibility without any second thought. But the investment is beneficial only when you’re able to create highly effective Instagram stories ads; else, it is unworthy.

We at IFW 360X help promote your business on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Our expert team of digital marketers brings the best fruit out of your ad investments. In this blog, we will look at the 5 strategies our digital creators and marketers follow to create a highly effective Instagram story ad. Before that, first, let us understand what an Instagram story ad is.

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What is an Instagram story ad?

Like an Instagram ad post, an Instagram story ad is also paid content. It appears to the users while they are watching stories.

What are the 5 tips for creating highly effective Instagram stories ads?

1. Go for a full-screen creative:

While posting an Instagram post advertisement, the major disadvantage is that you are fixed with a particular square-sized post. But, while investing in Instagram story ads, you can take advantage of full screen. The full-size creative helps you to add more information about your products and appears more engaging to the audience.

2. Focus on your “Call to Action”:

While creating any ad, it is pretty essential to emphasize your CTA or Call to Action. A Call to Action is basically the focus of your ad. Like if you want to get visitors, followers, messages, or calls from your post. Make sure your CTA is crystal clear to everyone going through the advertisement.

3. Enhance your ad with trendy audio or music:

If you’re a frequent IG user, you might know that audios make the stories more powerful and catchy. The same applies to the IG story ads. 80% of stories with music perform better than the rest. Make sure to add value to your story ad by adding a trendy and relatable music cover.

4. Interactive stories always stand out:

To stand out with your Instagram stories ads, it is essential to make them interactive with your audience. For instance, you can use Q and A stickers or polls. Big brands like Amazon and Zomato utilize the same feature to increase their reach.

5. Utilize motion graphics:

Reports say that moving story ads perform far better than static ones. For this purpose, you can utilize some motion graphics and GIFs to make your stories and ads catchier. For example, you can make your story flip, move around, or anything like that.


Apart from these five pointers, keeping your brand in mind while designing a story ad for your business is important. Ensure that you emotionally connect with your audience, and don’t forget to insert your logo. If you’re thinking of getting your business logo designed, again, the IFW 360X team is here to help you. Connect to our experts today for any help or information related to digital marketing services.

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