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What is Creativity? Why is it important to plan an impactful Digital Marketing Campaign for your Brand?

The scope of Digital Marketing is expanding day by day. With the presence of several businesses online, digital platforms are building a competitive atmosphere. Digital marketing is the branch of marketing that utilizes the internet and other online tools to promote brands and businesses. The process is termed as Digital Marketing Campaign when coordinated with proper actions and objectives. Creativity is a crucial characteristic of a digital marketing campaign. In this blog, we will look at how creativity helps to drive an impactful digital marketing campaign.


Increased competition in the sector has made it essential for businesses to lead an impactful and creative digital marketing campaign. It is only possible when the brands hire the right digital marketing agency. IFW 360X is a Udaipur-based digital marketing agency working for its clients from all over India from sectors like Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Medical, Real Estate, E-Commerce etc. As our name suggests, we emphasize overall (360 degrees) digital development and promotion of the Brand. To strengthen your brand online and increase your lead, connect with us right now!

What is creativity?

Before understanding the impact of creativity, let us go through the meaning of creativity. Creativity is defined as the use of original ideas or art to create something. Simply, using imagination to invent a new innovation is called creativity.

Importance of creativity in planning an impactful Digital Marketing Campaign for your Brand:

Here is the list of advantages of creativity that help in creating and planning a successful digital marketing campaign:



  • Brings Originality:

The most notable advantage of creativity is that it brings originality to a digital marketing campaign. The proportional bond of imagination and originality fills your promotional campaigns with new ideas.



  • Helps you to Stand Out:

Obviously, originality in core ideas will help your business to stand out from the crowd. Consider a typical example: a celebrity’s fan pages always have fewer followers than a celebrity’s personal page. The personal page is more popular because it contains fresh and original content. The same applies to all the fields. The original one always tops the class.



  • Grab the Audience’s Attention:

Creative digital marketing tactics and strategies drive the audience’s attention toward your Brand. Creative marketing strategies also make your brand rememberable. For example, we all remember Surf Excel Powder whenever some dirt or filth surrounds us. The Brand produced a creative headline saying, “daag acche hain.” That’s how creativity and marketing go with each other.



  • Cost-effective:

Creative digital marketing strategies are expected to deliver a higher return on investment than other marketing tactics. When ROI is higher, that simply means that the campaign was cost-effective. Thus, creativity helps to lead a cost-effective digital marketing campaign.



  • Discover the emotional element:

If you have a creative team of writers, you can definitely discover an emotional aspect of your product or service. And history itself has witnessed that emotions always hit the masses. For example, Indian moms often choose Dettol as a bath soap for their kids because “Maa mane Sirf Dettol ka dhula.” That’s how creativity inserts emotions in digital marketing, giving it a versatile turn.



  • Build your Brand:

A creative digital marketing campaign brings more leads to your business. By growing your customer base and enhancing your daily sales, digital marketing creativity helps build brand recognition.


Thus, in one way or another, creativity is quite essential in digital marketing. IFW 360X is a creative team of digital marketers. Our talented creators carry every campaign to build our clients’ brand name. You can call us or comment in the box below for further query or question.

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